Vin de Liége, Meuzenne


Producer Profile:

Vin de Liège is a pioneering winemaking cooperative located in the Liège region of Belgium. The foundations for the project were first created in 2009 by the non-profit La Bourrache, a local organization that cultivates land in and around the Liège area. After consulting with winemakers, farmers, and nursery owners in Germany, France, and Belgium, the group began raising capital to create the Vin de Liège co-op; the first harvest took place in 2014, from which 25,000 bottles of wine were produced.

However, the goals at Vin de Liège exceeded simply making wine from the region. In addition to farming all of its 12 hectares of vines organically, the organization seeks to create high-quality, terroir-focused wines that best highlight the plots from which they come. The vineyards are planted at 5,000 vines per hectare, and cover crops grow freely amongst the rows. Beyond grass, biodiversity is encouraged through the planting of fruit trees, flower bushes, and the instillation of birdhouses.

Vin de Liège’s cellar was built in 2014 by architect Jean-Marc Schepers. All vinification is done in temperature-controlled vats and via gravity. The cooperative currently makes 10 different wines in a variety of styles (red, white, rosé, and sparkling). At Veritas, we are excited to work with MeuZenne, the cooperative’s lambic-wine hybrid. Produced from a combination of lambic from Halle and Souvignier Gris and Johanniter-based wine from Liège, this orange-hued sparkler undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle and ages for nine months sur-lie prior to release. Sour, fruity, and bursting with personality, this bright and bubbly experiment is nothing short of delicious!