Vignobles du Rêveur

Alsace, France

Producer Profile:

Mathieu Deiss is increasingly taking over the reins at Domaine Marcel Deiss from his father, Jean-Michel.  At the same time, however, Mathieu has begun a separate project — making wines from a 7-hectare vineyard inherited from his maternal grandfather.  Apparently, grand-père was a bit of a visionary since Mathieu has christened this domaine Le Vignoble du Rêveur (“Vineyard of the Dreamer”).

The Deiss family is committed to the virtues of organic and biodynamic viticulture and winemaking, and Rêveur is fully certified as such by Ecocert and Demeter.  The vineyards are likewise co-planted in the same manner as Marcel Deiss, and the wines are all made in the Marcel Deiss winery. “I simply cannot be in two places at once during harvest,” Mathieu explains simply.

At present, Mathieu is making three wines. Singulier is made from co-planted Riesling and 3 Pinots (Blanc, Noir & Gris) , the fruit being carbonically macerated together for 10 days prior to fermentation and 12 months aging in stainless steel.  No sulfur is added to this wine.

Vibrations is Mathieu’s second wine, made 100% from Riesling, which is fermented and aged (12 months)  in seasoned foudres. The third wine, Pierres Sauvages, is made from co-planted Pinots (Blanc, Noir & Gris) which are co-fermented and aged in seasoned foudres.


  • France
  • Alsace
  • Alsace
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  • Organic, Biodynamic