Champagne, France

Producer Profile:

Established in the 19th Century in the Grand Cru village of Chouilly, the Domaine is today managed by the founder’s grandson, Jean-Pierre Vazart.  At 11 total hectares, the Domaine is comprised of 30 different parcels of prime Chouilly vineyards, virtually all Chardonnay, including holdings in the highly prized Montaigu lieu-dit.

The farming is organic, as manifest by the award to the Domaine of the highest level of ‘HVE’ certification (Haute Valeur Environmentale).  Jean-Pierre eschews chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, and reduces yields through a variety of techniques including growing glass between the rows to force roots deeper into the soil. The wines are fermented in small thermo-regulated stainless tanks and malolactic fermentation is invariably completed.

Uniquely, Jean-Pierre stores his reserve wines in a perpetual “Solera”, started in 1978. Each year, 25 to 50 percent of the wine is taken out of the Solera for use in the Brut Réserve and replenished with the new harvest wine. The Solera wine is also used to prepare dosages.

  •  France
  •  Champagne (Côte des Blancs)
  •  Chouilly (Grand Cru)
  •  Jean-Pierre Vazart
  •  1954
  •  11 hectares
  •  Organic (Certified)