Rhône, France

Thibaud Capellaro is making waves across the Northern Rhône. A native of the region, Thibaud first pursued his studies in business, then shifted to winemaking after deciding to follow his passion (although from the Rhône, he does not come from a winemaking family). After working numerous roles in France and abroad, Thibaud set up camp in Condrieu back in 2018, though has since moved to a larger facility about four miles south in Chavanay.

Currently, Thibaud’s project operates both as a domaine and a micro-négoce, as both estate-grown and purchased fruit are used. His négoce wines are bottled under the Slope line, and are made with organic fruit sourced from small, quality-focused growers in the Ardèche, Coteaux du Lyonnais, and Saint-Joseph, while his estate fruit comes mostly from Côte-Rôtie and Saint-Joseph. Over the past few years, Thibaud has worked tirelessly replanting vines and restructuring the terraces in his vineyards, which are undoubtedly some of the steepest in all of France. As with his purchased fruit, all of his estate fruit is farmed organically.

Contrary to the many big-boned wines coming out of the Rhône, Thibaud’s style is one that embraces the more experimental side of regional winemaking. He uses a low-intervention mentality in the cellar, and all fermentations are done exclusively with native yeasts. In addition to traditional oak barrels, a variety of vessels are used during élevage, including fiberglass, ceramic, and terra cotta. Sulfur is used judiciously, if at all, and no other additions are made to the wines. The result? Honest, terroir-reflective, and nuanced wines that speak humbly-yet-impactfully of the places from which they come.