France, Loire Valley

The tiny 100 ha. appellation Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame AOP (“Le Puy”) lies in the center of the Loire Valley. Similar to the far larger (1500 ha) Saumur-Champigny, Le Puy was established in 2009 to denominate some of the finest wines produced in Saumur. Le Puy boasts some of the best terroir in the region. Lying on the highest elevations in Saumur, and protected by the Massif des Mauges mountain range to the west, the appellation is mostly shielded from frost. In addition, it benefits from a subsoil rich in tuffeau. In consequence, Le Puy has attracted a handful of young and dynamic winemakers,
Prominent among this coterie is Jonathan Maunoury. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Jonathan worked in high tech for 10 years before following a passion for wine and wine school in Beaune. Following internships in Burgundy, Champagne and the Rhône Valley, Jonathan acquired a 5 hectare vineyard in Le Puy in 2017 that had been organically farmed (certified) for 20 years. He transitioned into biodynamic viticulture and is now fully certified. His winemaking is resolutely non-interventionist and natural.