Maison and Domaine LEROY

Burgundy, France

“Leroy, absolute perfection. More than a model, the wines are an absolute reference. No other winery in the world holds itself to a higher standard in terms of exactitude in its viticulture.” La Revue du Vin de France.
The Leroy operations continue to be managed and directed by the octogenarian Marcelle Bize-Leroy, universally known as “Lalou”. Her career began in 1955, when at the age of 23 she assumed control of Maison Leroy, a négociant firm founded by her great-grandfather François Leroy in 1868. The very talented and personable sales director, Frédéric Roemer, formerly chef sommelier at the Negresco in Nice, has been a significant presence since he joined Leroy in 1994.
Mme Leroy has been committed to biodynamic principles since founding the estate in 1988. For Lalou, biodynamie is not a mere technique or practice, but rather an entire system of thinking, of being.
All this comes with a price. Leroy wines are noteworthy not only for their quality, but also for their prices, which are perhaps the highest in an already expensive region. Leroy wines are, finally, notable for their scarcity, and many avid collectors are grateful to snap up whatever they find available from the very few authorized sources.

COUNTRY France REGIION Burgundy APPELLATION(S) Multiple: Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits PRODUCER Marcelle (“Lalou”) Bize-Leroy FOUNDED 1950 VINEYARD AREA 21 Hectares FARMING Biodynamic (certified) WEBSITE