Pfalz, Germany

Over the past 20 years, Weingut Jürgen Leiner has been making waves across Germany’s Pfalz region. At the helm of the 17-hectare project is winemaker Sven Leiner, one of the area’s most passionate and progressive vignerons. A fervent believer in organic and biodynamic farming, of which he’s been certified in since 2005 and 2011 respectively, Sven believes that the foundation to great wine is rooted in the vineyard operating as one harmonious ecosystem. In addition to applying his own natural preparations and composts, Sven also encourages biodiversity within the vineyards, so as to increase the fertility and nutrient density of the soils.

Most recently, Weingut Leiner has officially become a member of Respekt-BIODYN, an exclusive group of Austrian and German wineries that seek to produce high-quality, site-specific wines through biodynamic viticulture. In the cellar, natural techniques are used, though Sven’s meticulous attention to detail and monitoring render the final wines pure and precise. All fermentations are done exclusively with native yeasts, and a variety of materials (steel, large-format oak, and concrete) are used for aging.

From a labeling perspective, each cuvée boasts a different insect found within the vineyards, which pays homage to the variety of life found amongst the vines. Even more compelling, however, is the life found inside each of said bottles—juice brimming with acidity, pure fruit, and unbelievable structure.