Champagne, France

Champagne Gratiot is a family-owned house located in the Vallée de la Marne region in Champagne. It operates as a as a Récoltant-Manipulant (RM), meaning that they grow their own grapes and produce Champagne exclusively from their own vineyards. Established in the early 1970’s by Gérard and Claudine Gratiot, the house is the result of 5 generations of winemakers dating back to Désiré Gratiot in 1868. Consistimg of approximately 18 hectares, the vineyards are spread across several villages, including Charly-sur-Marne, Saulchery, Bonneil, and Azy-sur-Marne. While Gratiot grows the three classic Champagne grape varieties, the dominant grape variety in their vineyards is Pinot Meunier. The vines average 30 years of age.

The winemaking is now directed by Rémy Gratiot, who is devoted to sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery. Severe pruning, specific grafting of rootstocks, regular soil analysis and vegetation cover all contribute to producing a quality harvest. All vines are hand harvested, with only the best grapes selected for pressing.

After a meticulous sorting, the grapes are destemmed and pressed for 3-4 hours in a traditional Coquard press, allowing for the careful extraction of the cuvée and the taille. After a settling of 12-24 hours, the must is racked into stainless steel where it undergoes both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. The wines then age on their lees (sur lie) up to three years. The dosage, which depends on the vintage and the cuvée, is carefully calibrated to balance the acidity and sweetness of the wine, enhancing its overall harmony and complexity. For dosage, Gratiot uses MCR (Moût Concentré Rectifié, or rectified concentrated must). Believing that MCR integrates more naturally than sugar with the

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