Domaine des BOISSIÈS


Domaine des Boissières’ story begins with just one half-hectare of old vines planted in the Marcillac Valley in South West France. It was here that Marc Fraysse’s grandfather worked as a breeder in the village, while tending a small plot of vines on the side. In 2017, Marc decided to pursue his passion for wine with these same old vines, additionally purchasing / leasing seven hectares of land along the way.

A fervent believer in organic and biodynamic farming, Marc is certified in the former and practices the latter. His original plot of old vines are planted to the Mansois variety, otherwise known as Fer-Servadou, which produces a wine similar to Cabernet Franc, though a bit darker and spicier. In addition to Mansois, Marc also cultivates small amounts of other local varieties, including Jurançon Noir, Valdiguié, Grand Noir de la Calmette, Clairette, Gouais, and more.

The soils of the Marcillac Valley are dominated by limestone peppered with marl and red sandstone. In the vines, Marc does all work by hand, including harvesting of the fruit. In the cellar, grapes are vinified with native yeasts. For reds, a combination of whole cluster and destemmed fruit is used. Elevage takes place in a combination of used Burgundian barrels, barrique, and amphorae, and all wines are bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with no added sulfur.

Marc’s low-intervention mentality and humble beginnings of making wine in his garage haven’t changed much, save for that vinification now takes place in a small cellar. Despite the powerful reputation of wines from the South West, Marc’s wines are delicate, elegant, and regularly finish with ABVs around 12%. From a quality-to-price ratio standpoint, these juicy, easy-drinking wines have become some of our favorites to show, especially to those keen on spicy, medium–bodied reds.