Domaine de CASSIOPÉE

Burgundy, France

Domaine de Cassiopée is spearheaded by Hugo Mathurin and Talloulah Dubourg, two forward-thinking vignerons with a passion for responsibly made, low-intervention wines. After working alongside Jean-Marc Roulot, Fred Mugnier, and Benjamin Leroux, Hugo and Talloulah settled in Sampigny-les-Maranges, located in the southern part of the Côte de Beaune. Here, the climate is cooler than other parts of the Côte, with harvest taking place up to two weeks after some of the Côte de Beaune’s more popular villages. In turn, Cassiopée wines are often brighter and acid-driven than many of their neighbors’—an increasingly challenging feat when considering an ever-warming climate.

As of today, Domaine de Cassiopée comprises five hectares of vines in total. The vineyards, surrounded by wild forests, are spread across various hillsides surrounding the couple’s Maranges-based home. Each vineyard plot (of which there are eight) is vinified into its own cuvée, so as to create the most site-specific wines as possible. Cassiopée wines are bottled under the Maranges, Bourgogne, and Hautes-Côtes de Beaune appellations.

At Cassiopée, all farming is done organically, and the estate will officially receive certification this year (2023). Some biodynamic principles are also implemented, including following the lunar calendar while bottling. Vinification is done with a low-intervention mentality, and aging takes place in larger wooden barrels and/or terra cotta. Little to no sulfur is used, save for a smidge added at bottling. We are always excited to find new young talent, especially in a region like Burgundy, and Domaine de Cassiopée is certainly pioneering the way for lesser-known areas in Burgundy. We are thrilled to represent these vibrant, game-changing wines in California.