When Franck Lihour was born in 1986, his parents followed in the tradition of Henri IV in 1589, and baptized the infant with a golden drop of Jurançon wine. Not surprisingly, when Franck grew up, he took the reins of his family’s Domaine Castéra and now produces some of the finest Jurançon in France.

Domaine Costéra, comprised of 12 hectares of organically-farmed vines, was founded in 1743 in the Béarn province in southwestern France, just south of Pau in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Acquired by the Lihour family in 1895, the Domaine has now been managed by the family for five generations.

Franck Lihour is guided by a vision to cultivate his vineyards with the care of a garden, accepting the variations of weather and the caprices of nature. He cultivates vines and produces wine, he acknowledges, but always with a sensitivity to history, culture, and the art de vivre. His goal is to produce elegant and fresh wine that will give greatest pleasure to the men and women who drink it.