Located in the southwestern appellation of Irouleguy, Winery Bordatto is one of the most exciting recent additions the portfolio. Spearheaded by Pascale and Bixintxo Aphaule, this dynamic estate boasts more apple trees than vines, though the thread that ties the two together is that all plots are planted to local varieties. The duo organically and biodynamically farms 4 hectares of apple orchards and 2.5 hectares of vines, the latter of which is dedicated to Marselan, Tannat, and Cabernet Franc. On the farm, all treatments are produced with local plant extracts, though a number of the native apple varieties are disease resistant, and thus do not require treatments of any form.

Beyond the vineyards, Bordatto’s orchards are nothing short of impressive, as they are home to 30 different varieties of apples. Since propagation can happen from seeds, there is a continuous (and fascinating) evolution of varieties. In the cellar, all work is done with minimal intervention, and little to no SO2 is used. The resulting wines are bright, juicy, and alluring. Their apple wines and ciders are pure, personality-driven expressions of the hidden-gem appellation.