Clos de Nicrosi

Corsica, France

Producer Profile:

Clos Nicrosi is indisputably one of the finest domaines in southern France. The domaine lies on a narrow isthmus (known by the Greeks as the Sacred Promontory) that juts northward into the Ligurian Sea from the island of Corsica. With multiple and varied historical influences, Corsica today forms an integral part of mainland France but remains very much culturally unique.
Founded in 1859, and still run by the founder’s family (currently Jean-Noël Luigi and his children, Marine and Sébastien), Clos Nicrosi comprises 13 hectares of vines of various southern French and traditional Corsican varieties. Vermentinu (Vermentino) provides the source of Nicrosi’s flagship dry white wine. The vines average 20 years of age and are planted on schiste and decomposed limestone over a base of granite. The average yield is a low 30 hL/ha.
Jean-Noël employs lutte raisonée, then harvests the grapes by hand and ferments the most over indigenous yeasts in thermo-regulated stainless tanks. After aging in the stainless for 7-10 months the wines are bottled.
● France
● Corsica
● Coteaux du Cap Corse
● Jean-Noël Luigi
● 1859
● 7,000 cases
● Lutte Raisonnée