Mâconnais, France

Bret BrothersLes Bret Brothers piochent dans les Quarts
The Bret Brothers project was established in 2001 by Jean-Guillaume and Jean-Philippe Bret with an objective to produce terroir-specific wine from Southern Burgundy, chiefly from the Mâconnais and (since 2013) also from Beaujolais. The brothers carefully select small plots of old vineyards tended by growers who share the Brets’ commitment to grapes. Bret Brothers currently produces over 20 different cuvées, most of which are certified organic.

The fruit is hand-picked when fully ripe by the brothers and their team. The grapes are vinified with the same care and precision, and in the same manner as La Soufrandière. Similarly, vinification and élevage occurs completely in the same facilities. The fruit is completely de-stemmed and delicately crushed, pressed gently for 3 hours, and then permitted a natural period of settling. The must is fermented over indigenous yeasts in well-seasoned wood vats and casks, thereafter aged in neutral oak for 12-18 months. Only minuscule amounts of sulfur are used, well below the limits imposed by Ecocert.