Friends and restaurant compatriots Patton Penhallegon and Michael Villas conceptualized Penville winery in 2012.  While working at Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach the two bonded over their love of wine, and found their views on production and style very compatible.  Not owning any land, and lacking the resources to construct a full production winery, Patton contracted with his long time friend Pete Stolpman of Stolpman Vineyards in Ballard Canyon to lease a block of Grenache.  They then enlisted the very talented wine making team at Dragonette Cellars and Penville was born. They celebrated their first harvest in 2014 producing just 77 cases of rosé and 450 cases of Grenache.


Their mission has always been to create site specific wines made in the vineyard using natural farming methods.  Little is done in the winery, other than making sure the wine does not turn to vinegar. They like to say that they are “dogmatic about not being dogmatic”. “Just because we did it that way last year does not mean we will do the same the following year.” The use of whole-cluster/ stem inclusion, fermentation and ageing vessel is decided on a taste-by-taste basis.


The Egg has become the heart of the operation. When fermenting, the shape of the cement egg traps escaping heat and CO2 sending it back down into the must creating a natural “punch down” effect.  This in turn creates texture in the wine while boosting the mineral components. Wine aged in the egg enjoys a very slow oxygen exchange while still retaining much of the original fruit components.


  •  USA
  •  Southern California
  •  Ballard Canyon
  •  Patton Penhallegon
  •  2012
  •  527  cases
  •  N/A



Rose of Grenache