La Mesma


La Mesma is owned and operated by the three Rosina sisters: Paola, Francesca, and Anna. Paola and her two sisters were raised in the city of Genoa on the Ligurian coast. The Rosina sisters’ love story with Gavi wines began over 18 years ago in a country house nestled in the peaceful hills on the border between Piemonte and Liguria. Located in the heart of the Piemonte region famous for its Gavi wine, their mother suggested that they plant a small vineyard from which to make wine for family and friends.  Little did they know that what started out as a small hobby vineyard would rapidly grow into a viable, successful business!


While not born into a family of winegrowers, the Rosina sisters have leveraged their individual professional backgrounds and turned an enjoyable hobby into what is now recognized as a leading winery in the region. The only producer to make Gavi wines in all the forms recognized by the DOCG rules: still Gavi, Gavi Frizzante, Gavi Spumante Traditional Method and Gavi Riserva, the La Mesma story is one of true passion and commitment.


Azienda Agricola La Mesma is an organic certified winery following strict organic practices without the use of weed-killers or chemical fertilizers. The Rosina sisters believe that great wine comes from great fruit, and that great fruit can be obtained with gentle, hands-on symbiotic farming practiced throughout the entire growth cycle – from planting and growing the initial green crop to controlled grass treatments and soft pruning. As the Gavi region is rich in biodiversity, La Mesma purposefully fosters and promotes the natural elements in its vineyards carefully integrating birds, insects and wild animals that roam freely in the vineyard and the woods surrounding their land.


A leader in the Slow Wine movement, La Mesma’s Gavi di Gavi INDI is a natural wine which was featured in Jane Anson’s Wine Revolution: The World’s Best Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines, 2017, and was ranked among the 30 best value organic wines in the world in Decanter Magazine.


Committed to environmental sustainability, the Rosina sisters employ clean power provided by solar panels to power the winery and wine-making process. Socially conscious as well, La Mesma takes pride in hiring and educating young refugees from Sub-Saharan countries.


  •  Italy
  •  Piedmont
  •  Gavi DOCG
  •  Massimo Azzolini
  •  2003
  •  60,000 bottles
  •  EU Organic Certified


Gavi di Gavi Yellow Label

Gavi di Gavi Black Label

Gavi di Gavi Indi

Gavi di Gavi Riserva

Gavi di Gavi Brut