Gratiot & Cie


Established in the early 1970’s by Gérard and Claudine Gratiot, the champagne house is the result of 5 generations of winemakers dating back to Désiré Gratiot in 1907. The winemaking is now spearheaded by Rémy Gratiot, who is devoted to sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery. Severe pruning, specific grafting of rootstocks, regular soil analysis and vegetation cover all contribute to producing a quality harvest. All vines are hand harvested, with only the best grapes selected for pressing.   


Every spring, the house collaborates with an oenologist, and the wines are blended for crisp and flavorful consistency. Vine age is an average of 30 years in the vineyards that stretch across seven villages within Charly sur Marne. The Maison cuvees are blended from the current harvest and reserve wines while all Millésimes are only bottled from an exceptional year’s harvest. Non-vintage wines mature in cellar for three years while vintage wines mature in cellar for five years


  •  France
  •  Champagne (Vallée de la Marne)
  •  Aisne
  •  Rémy Gratiot
  •  1868
  •  17 hectares
  •  Organic Practices


Almanach #4

Almanach #1 Brut

Almanach #2

Almanach #3 Rosé

Brut Maison

Desiré, Brut

Desiré Rosé de Saignée, Extra Brut

Rosé Brut