Domaine La Soufrandière


This family estate was founded in 1947 and is today managed completely by the two grandsons of the founder, Jean-Guillaume and Jean-Philippe Bret. Situated in  Vinzelles, in the Mâcon region of South Burgundy, La Soufrandière is certified organic and biodynamic. Viticulture follows the natural rhythms of the moon and planets, and the vineyards are plowed, at least in part, by Coquette, a French draft horse. The soil in enriched with cow dung and silica,  and treatments include infusions of horsetail, nettle, osier, dandelion, and valerian.The vineyards, with an average age of 33-80 years, are well-situated mid-slope with east or southeast aspect, and lie on oolitic, iron-rich limestone soil.

The grapes are harvested by plot at full phenolic ripeness, then delicately crushed and lightly pressed for three hours, then naturally clarified. The must from each plot is then separately fermented over indigenous yeasts in well-seasoned casks and vats.  New oak is assiduously avoided both for fermentation and élevage, with the latter lasting 11-17 months, depending upon the vineyard and the vintage. Sulphur is used very sparingly, and total in the finished wine is well below the limits imposed by Ecocert and Demeter.


  •  France
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  •  1950
  •  7,000 cases
  •  Biodyanamic(certified)


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  • Rouge Plan Pegau Vin de France Non Millésimé bouteille
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