Domaine A-F. Gros


Domaine A-F. Gros is a 10-ha estate comprised of vineyards situated in both the Cote-de-Beaune and the Cote-de-Nuits. The talented young winemaker, Mathias Parent, possesses one of the most distinguished pedigrees in Burgundy. Through his father’s line, he is descended from 13 generations of Burgundians,  including Etienne Parent, who supplied wine to Thomas Jefferson. Through his mother, Anne-Francoise Gros (daughter of Jean Gros), Mathias traces his roots to the storied Louis Gros in the early 19th century. Mathias shares management of the domaine with his sister, the most charming and capable Caroline Parent. The Domaine today includes vineyards, mostly Pinot Noir,  inherited through both lines of the family.

The winemaking here is traditional and straightforward. After manual harvest and careful sorting, the grapes are 100% de-stemmed and subjected to cold (5°C.) maceration for 4-5 days, then fermented in thermo-regulated (34° C. max.) stainless steel tanks for an additional 2-3 weeks, during which there is some pigeage and remontage.  The wine is then racked into oak barrels (40% for villages, 66% 1er Cru, 100% Grand Cru) and aged in the 12°C. cellars for 12 months. The young wine is then assembled into neutral oak and bottled in the spring without fining or filtration.


  •  France
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  •  1950
  •  7,000 cases
  •  Biodyanamic(certified)


  • Rosé Pink Pegau Vin de France
  • Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine du Pegau Cuvée Réservée Blanc
  • Rouge Plan Pegau Vin de France Non Millésimé bouteille
  • Côtes du Rhône Villages Château Pegau Cuvée Settier Rouge 2014
  • Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine du Pegau Cuvée Réservée Rouge
  • Côtes du Rhône Château Pegau Cuvée Maclura
  • Côtes du Rhône Château Pegau Cuvée Maclura