Denis Bachelet


Denis Bachelet is one of those very few winemakers in Burgundy whose wines have managed to achieve iconic status.  This status is remarkably incongruous for a man who is himself invariably soft-spoken, gracious, and polite. A portion of his cult-like renown may be due to the scarcity of wines produced by such a diminutive estate:  at 3.85 hectares, it is less than one-third the size of Domaine Armand Rousseau, Bachelet’s co-regent of Gevrey. But the greater reason for the Bachelet prominence is the incomparable quality of his wine. As Clive Coates has written: “The Denis Bachelet style produces wines of intensity, great elegance, subtle and feminine in the best sense. They are concentrated, harmonious, pure and understated.”


As befits a great domaine, there is a solid base in superb vineyards, which are well-situated, prudently farmed, and comprised of remarkably old vines. Bachelet follows the precepts of lutte raisonée, a system of vine cultivation that is essentially organic and non-interventionist. Bachelet adheres to a similarly laissez-faire philosophy in his winemaking, choosing a decidedly traditional approach to winemaking that allows the vintage to express itself unimpeded by modernist techniques.


  •  France
  •  Burgundy
  •  Gevrey-Chambertin
  •  Denis Bachelet
  •  1983
  • 3.85 hectares
  •  Lutte raisonnée
  •  N/A


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Gevrey-Chambertin, Vieilles Vignes

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