Clos Saint Vincent


Acquired by the Gio Sergi family in 1993, today Gio and son Julien exploit this 10-hectare domaine  in the Appellation of Bellet, a tiny 50-hectare AOC that overlooks the Bay of Nice.

The Bellet vineyards enjoy a microclimate of Mediterranean sunshine tempered by nocturnal sea breezes and fresh Alpine airstreams.  With southern facing terraced slopes lying at 250-300m on the hill of Saquier, the sandy soils of Clos St. Vincent are composed of limestone and silica (silex) and rich in galets roulés (maritime quartzite stones of Alpine origin, rounded by eons of erosion)

The Sergis farm and produce their wines organically  and biodynamically, the only such domaine in the appellation of Bellet.  Red grape vines, which include Braquet, Folle Noire and Grenache Noir, comprise 60% of the estate; the remaining 40% is devoted to Rolle (aka Vermentino).  The vines, which average 40 years of age, are manually harvested. The red wines are fermented over indigenous yeasts and aged in muids (1200L) and demi-muids (600L).  The Rolle as the Rosé are fermented and over indigenous yeasts and aged in stainless steel tanks.


  •  France
  •  Provence
  •  Bellet Rouge; Bellet Rosé; Bellet Blanc
  • Joseph & Julien Sergi
  •  1993
  •  10 hectares
  •  Biodynamic, Organic Certified


Bellet Blanc

Bellet Rose

Bellet Rouge