Caves Jean Bourdy


Caves Jean Bourdy is one of the oldest wine domaines in the world, being continuously managed by the same family since 1475. Located in the Jura (southeast of Burgundy), Bourdy is run by brothers Jean-François and Jean-Phillipe Bourdy, the 15th generation. They oversee 10 hectares of some of the finest terroir in the Jura, including a full half hectare of the legendary Chateau Chalon, as well as vineyards of old vine Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Poulsard, Chardonnay, and (of course) Savagnin. The estate is especially renowned for its library of vintages dating back well into the nineteenth century.


The estate is certified biodynamic by Demeter; and the near-complete absence of intervention and extraordinarily-low sulfites (2-3mg/L) qualify the wines as natural as well. With long elevage (3-4 years for most wines, and 7 years for Vin Jaune) in  well-aged barrels, Bourdy wines are made precisely as they were 100-150 years ago, without any concession to contemporary fashion



Côte du Jura Blanc, Côte du Jura Rouge,

Côte du Jura “Vin Jaune”, Château-Chalon, Crémant du Jura


  •  France
  •  Jura
  •  See Producer Bio
  •  Jean-Phillipe Bourdy
  •  1475
  •  10 hectares
  •  Biodynamic, Certified


Château Chalon  Vin Jaune

Côtes de Jura Blanc (Chardonnay)

Côtes de Jura Blanc (Savagnin)

Côtes de Jura Rouge

Côtes de Jura Rouge “Chloé”

Côtes de Jura Rouge “Surprise”

Vin de Paille

Crémant du Jura, Blanc

Crémant du Jura, Rosé

Marc de Jura

Fine du Jura

Galant des Abbesses